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Identifying Your Boundaries: Tuning Into Your Body

Our bodies can give us information into our desires, limits, and capacities, which helps us identify our boundaries.

Drawing from our thinking, reasoning, and somatic experiences can help us make decisions that are more aligned with our boundaries.

Notice what a "yes," "no," and "maybe" feel like in your body to help inform your boundaries and preferences. See the examples below.

If you feel disconnected from your body's cues or find it overwhelming to make sense of your somatic responses, working with a therapist can help. Check out our team of therapists and book a free consultation online.

A "yes" in your body can feel like: desire, excitement, openness, calmness, expansion, and comfort

A "maybe" in your body can feel like: curiosity, interest, tentativeness, uncertainty, receptivity, some chest constriction, and stomach butterflies

What a "no" can feel like in your body: constriction, closed off, disinterested, urge to flee, pressure, and unreceptive

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