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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy supports you in exploring your sexuality, sexual health, and sexual experiences. When attending a therapy session with sex or sexuality as your primary concern, you can expect your therapist to gently inquire around what has been bothering you, and what you would like to be different.

In your first therapy session, a sex therapist may ask you questions around the following topics:

  • Your sexual history, both as individuals and (if applicable) as partners

  • Your general mental health history

  • Your sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Your family and your relationship with them

  • Any traumatic or otherwise impactful experiences (sexual or otherwise) that the therapist should be aware of

  • Any physical or medical concerns that may be affecting the current issue

  • The course of your relationship and what it’s like outside of sex (if the issue is related to a partnered relationship)

  • Your typical sexual habits, including frequency and type of sexual contact and masturbation

  • How you show desire and affection, beyond sex


Sex therapy sessions may include:

  • Building skills for pleasure and arousal as an individual and/or couple

  • Learning ways to manage anxiety, including performance anxiety around sex

  • Improving communication with your partner that may be interfering with pleasure

  • Education around anatomy, sexual functioning, and pleasure

  • Understanding the body-mind connection and what stimuli work for you

  • Shifting the focus of sex from a performance and orgasm-focused one to an embodied experience where arousal and erections are free to ebb and flow

  • Addressing any underlying mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression preventing you from feeling desirable

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