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ADHD Coaching

We understand the challenges that can come with being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. ADHD can make things like motivation, emotional regulation, impulse control, focus, task completion, and relationships harder, especially when we're held to standards that aren't congruent with our abilities and needs. ADHD Coaching involves managing aspects of life that are difficult, identifying your strengths and preferences, developing structures that work for you, and integrating strategies to support you with your goals. ADHD Coaching includes psychoeducation about what it means to live with ADHD, so that you can better understand your experiences.

ADHD Coaching may be a good fit for you even if you don't have a formal ADHD diagnosis but suspect that you may be experiencing ADHD traits. Coaching will be combined with other therapeutic modalities (refer to Individual Psychotherapy for more information on therapeutic modalities our clinicians use).

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